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SRD specializing in equine-assisted and interactive therapies designed to improve adolescent and teen mental health and well-being.



Straightening Reins uses horses as a tool to promote emotional growth in teenagers. While the students grow to understand and appreciate the tranquility and love of our horses and other animals, they’ll foster and develop life skills necessary to achieve their personal goals.

SRD Receives Grant From Sunair Children’s Foundation

SRD Receives Grant From Sunair Children’s Foundation K9 SRD~Straightening Reins Foundation will focus on developing a strategic plan to address both short-term and long-term goals to further provide equine based services to improve the mental health of youth.  

Hope Through Horses Open Barn

Hope Through Horses Open Barn

SRD Straightening Reins Redemption Road K9 Come meet Straightening Rein's team of professionals specializing in equine-assisted therapies, our therapy horses and celebrity guest USA Track & Field Medalist, Long Jumper Norris Frederick at our SRD Hope Through Horses Open Barn celebration! Saturday, April 27, from 1 pm to 4 pm.  

Calling All Artists!

Through Horses Contest Enter our SRD Hope Through Horses Art Contest. Winner will have their artwork featured in our 2019-2020 SRD Straightening Reins Hope Through Horses Brochure! Read our attached flyer for more information! Please submit your original artwork by USPS mail to this address: 2743 Seco Canyon Rd., #318, Santa...


“As a parent, I participate in my
son’s healing process and enjoy the
horses and ranch with him.”




  • “SRD is operated by Ms. Debbie Rocha. She passionately advocates for children with mental, emotional, and developmental issues. Ms. Rocha is committed to SRD because it greatly assists several children who daily cope with a multitude of mental, emotional, and developmental illnesses. She also has a certificated therapy staff who volunteer their time to help these children as well. This organization brings joy, purpose, and a sense of accomplishment to the many children coping with debilitating issues. In Los Angeles County and throughout the United States there is a significant increase in the number of children coping with mental illness. Santa Clarita Valley is experiencing a growing need for organizations such as SRD. The need for early intervention and assistance cannot be overstated. SRD provides hope and significant assistance for the families of the children involved in the organization; the hope that the children will improve their mental stability and social skills.

    My 13-year-old daughter enjoys spending 4 hours per week at SRD, where she works with therapy animals and learns how to maintain a ranch. After a day at SRD, my daughter feels a sense of accomplishment and purpose. At SRD, she is provided the opportunity to interact with other children and the therapy staff in a positive, emotionally supportive, and safe environment.” — Parent of SRD youth  

  • “Deborah S. Rocha; I miss those days so much SRD shaped me to be who I am today. I thank God every day for it ” — Olivia Kinzie

  • “SRD~Straightening Reins Foundation which is located on Davenport Road in Santa Clarita. SRD has been around for about 7 years and has provided Mental Health Services to Santa Clarita’s vulnerable youth.

    This is personal to me as a parent and now SRD Board member. My son, now 14, was suicidal at the beginning of last year, Deborah Rocha and Her Foundation provided us with resources which saved his life. Everyone in our family was affected. Our 11-year-old daughter benefits from working with the animals at SRD too. SRD is her “safe place” where she can be herself among the horses. My daughter has found her confidence and her voice since coming to SRD a year and a half ago.  

    As an SRD Board member, I am passionate that Santa Clarita needs this foundation and the support it gives. Our local Hart School District sends kids to the ranch for therapy a few times per month and the foundation has served over 700 families in 2018 alone. Equine therapy provides fast results and we are making a positive impact in the next generation of leaders and innovators.” — Sincerely, Dana Bradford, Parent and SRD board member

  • “A year ago my 13-year-old son was hospitalized because he felt that he would kill himself. Without the immediate advice and on-going support of SRD, and of Deborah Rocha, SRD’s founder, my wife and I would not have been able to find the help that he critically needed. We believe that SRD saved the boy’s life. SRD has saved other young lives through its equine therapy and safe place program. Our community: Santa Clarita, Agua Dulce, and Acton are mightily served by this modest, not for profit gem.

    Its simple quiet mission is to help our kids become fully functional, socially adjusted and productive adults.” — Sincerely, Parent of SRD youth