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Have you wondered what it takes to make a difference?

Helping is not beyond your reach! SRD, youth and families and the ranch animals need your support. You can help in any of the ways listed below. A donation, sponsorship or in-kind contribution helps SRD with short terms goals for maintaining the ranch but other forms of support are also important. Count the ways in which you contribute. See below what you can do to help.



It’s challenging to make a case for mental health because of stigmas associated but as a donor you understand mental health issues are a treatable human condition. Donate today to fight the stigma and make an actual difference in someones’s life.


Looking for a worthy cause? Mental health challenge needs require services from professional medical services for clients to veterinary help to care for ranch animals. We have a wide range of volunteer needs. Call or email us today at 661-803-1641, debbie@srdstraighteningreins.org


What does a social media post actually do today? It can do a world of good. Friend, share, like, promote, comment, anything you choose will mean the world. #SRDHorses #SRDhopethroughhorses #SuicidePrevention #MentalHealthAwareness #SRDStraighteningReins #equinetherapy #depression #anxiety


We need support. Are you a media, nonprofit, public service provider or a local business owner? There are so many reasons to partner. We would love to be part of your network. Call us today at 661-803-1641.


You are our biggest advocate. You understand the global need for mental health services. You genuinely want to make a difference as a business partner and also understand SRD. Let’s connect, 661-803-1641.

Get Informed

Didn’t know mental health suffers from stigma? The first thing you can do is get informed. Science explains it. Mental health challenges aren’t chosen. #mentalhealth #problemsnotchosen

Model Leadership

Have you recognized mental health problems in your environment? Get informed and lead by example. Don’t participate in the stigma. You will change the world. Post it on social media, #withsrd


Speak out when you see or hear unfairness or bullying due to mental health stigma or join other activities in your community in support of fighting mental health stigma. You can also volunteer with SRD. Call us today at 661-803-1641.

Stay Positive

Do you suspect or have you been diagnosed with mental health challenges? The best thing you can do is STAY POSITIVE and ask questions. Call us today at 661-803-1641.

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